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What is on the agenda today, let’s talk about burning energy ……NRG, my favourite topic!!

Myth:- Eating celery burns more calories than you take in?

Here’s what you need to know 

Always use credible sources of information for dietary advise for your better health :- government and professional nutrition, dietary and medical organisations. There is a lot of gossip regarding negative calorie foods, that these foods take more calories to digest than the actual food  provides the body. Celery is an example, as it is mainly fibre and water, and in theory this can be possible however not scientifically proven. This is due to us humans having various rates of digestion and energy usage (expenditure).

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A thought for the human spirit ……. who wants to eat celery all day every day without peanut butter, cottage cheese or some yummy dip to go with the celery, not me!


Your body uses 5 to 10% of energy expenditure (use of energy) to digest food and store the nutrients from food eaten. Also to stay alive, which is to breath with all organs performing their functions automatically, uses  45 to 70%  of our energy expenditure. That means we need to eat enough to stay alive, eat food, work, have fun and perform all our daily functions.

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Hot Tip:- Following any extreme or fad diets that promotes limited intakes or limited variety of foods can have detrimental effects causing deficiencies in nutrients required for you to be healthy, and to reduce the risks of illness or chronic diseases. For successful weight control – loss or gain, ensure you eat a balanced diet from the 5 recommended foods groups (grains, vegetables, fruits, dairy and meats/meat alternatives) and unsaturated fats, plenty of water and incorporate regular exercise that you can enjoy.

For individualised advice to meet your nutritional needs, look for an Accredited Practising Dietitian

Food supply and availability:- Celery is grown in temperate climates ( not too cold or hot) and is grown in appropriate seasons throughout Australia in temperatures of 12-21°C. Can be purchased from majority of grocery and fruit/vegetables stores.

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Celery recipes that are easy and taste great

Juice – if you have a juicer machine, grab 2 sticks of celery, 1 apple, 1 grapefruit, 1 carrot, knob of ginger. Juice and serve with ice, place a few mint leaves in the juice for a twist. Refreshing on a summer day or to cool down and re-energize after a brisk walk.  (serves 2)

Asian Salad (serves 4) – ½ a large wombok cabbage finely shredded, 6 shallots, 2 large stems of celery and 2 large carrots all sliced julienne (fine match sticks) , 100g roasted peanuts ( can be substituted with almonds or cashews), 50-100g Asian crunchy noodles. Toss all in a bowl until well combined. Make Asian dressing:- ¼ cup mirin or rice wine vinegar,  1 tablespoon soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of sesame oil and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Whisk together and pour over salad ingredients to your liking, try a half the dressing first and add more if you require.


Enjoy……Eat well, eat fresh

By Lyn Dunkley your Myth Buster,

NRG Dietitians Australia


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