NRG Dietitians Australia is your Myth Buster

Keeping you up to date on what's scientfically proven evidence and what is not. Plus a tasty recipe to either bust or give that myth a tick of approval.

About Lyn Dunkley and why she keeps you up to date on the facts regarding food myths

NRG Dietitians will give you insights into food myths, with a recommended recipe to support or bust that myth, for a healthy balanced approach to your diet so you can eat well and feel well for life. Energy is what keeps us alive. What and how much we eat depends on lifestyle, employment activities, fitness and personal leisure activities, sleeping trends, current health status, age, likes and dislikes, budget, cooking skills and what we listen to and believe. That’s why NRG Dietitians Australia believe that eating well for you and your family is complicated enough, hence we want to remove myths about diets, superfoods and any claims that foods will cure, hurt or do something it possibly may not.

NRG Dietitian Australia will look for the latest food myths or media hyped myths and provide quick and easy to understand evidence to support or bust that myth. Recipe ideas, healthy eating tips, facts and guidelines, an overview of the food source and its’ availability, and links to more in-depth information will be published to assist you to go to credible Information sources that you can trust. Always consult an Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) for tailored advice for you. Please send in any myths for NRG Dietitians Australia to investigate and provide the myth busting service mentioned.

About NRG Dietitians Australia

NRG Dietitians Australia, it’s all about nutrition, resilience and guidance that supports you and your goals. Say NRG fast……..yes energy, it all about our energy! My name is Lyn Dunkley, I’m the founder of NRG Dietitians Australia, and I come from a background in apprentice chef training, communication, management, nutrition and dietetics. My motivation to assist people began after I conquered my weight management challenges as a young adult, developing a passion for being fit, healthy and having boundless energy (NRG). It was like unlocking a huge secret, the absolute best present I have ever received.

My experiences and knowledge in life in career, family, motherhood and as an Accredited Practising Dietitian enables me to assist you in a wide range of services from youth to elderly in weight management, I can also assist you with allergies or intolerance’s, diets to assist illness, disordered eating, weight management, healthy eating and planning, eating for a busy lifestyle, eating on a budget, goal setting, achieving goals, cooking skills, healthy dining out and general advice in a healthy lifestyle. I believe we can all be healthy, enjoy life, have fun and treat ourselves.

Here is how NRG Dietitians Australia will service you:-

  • Consultations to suit your busy lifestyle, at my business or a mobile service to you
  • On-going consultations can be face to face, Skype or phone call
  • A range of helpful resources to increase your success
  • Phone support when you need that extra helping hand, inexpensive and response within 24 hours
  • Medicare and private health cover

Additional Services

  • Kitchen organisationlyn blog
  • Shopping smart, healthy or on a budget
  • Tailored cooking skills to meet your needs
Please, only rely on information found on government and professional accredited nutrition, dietetic and medical websites and information resources, that you can trust.

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